Protect Those Mustangs …

You hear all those scary stories about cars being stolen and you always think ‘that wont happen to me’ but what if it does …

For those of you that don’t know, it is possible for a thief to gain access to your beloved car without having to steal your keyfob … there is technology easily accessible that will allow them to copy your fob and gain access to your car while it is parked on your driveway! How is this possible, keyless entry, which comes as standard on all S550 mustangs and other modern cars. There are various techniques these thieves can use and a quick google search can explain in more detail but there are a number of simple ways to protect your car, and that’s what I am here to explain

1) Fit an old fashioned lock. There are plenty of steering wheel locks out there that makes driving away almost impossible. Just by having a lock could simply deter a would -be-thief from even attempting to steel your car.

2) Block the signal with a faraday pouch. To prevent relay theft at home make sure your keys are out of sight and out of range of the car and kept in an aluminium tin or faraday pouch to block the signal.

3) Fit a tracker. If in the unfortunate event your car is stolen a tracker can be used to follow the car via GPS. If you have a valuable car, tracker devices are a great shout.

4) Out of sight, out of mind. Keeping a car stored away in a locked garage overnight and during the day is an obvious way to make sure it isn’t spotted by would-be-thieves in the local area.

I personally and use the faraday pouch bellow. It is a great size for the mustang key fob and still bulky enough not to get lost in the depths of my coffee table draw! You get two pouches so I can keep my spare key safe locked away safe and still have my everyday keys in my second pouch easily accessible for day to day use. Click on the photo bellow to check it out on amazon. Replacing a £30K car or £7.99 on Amazon … it was an easy choice for me but please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

New fuel door …

So after a lot of deliberation I have finally decided on my fuel door … the Scott Drake Competition Series ‘Mustang’ fuel door. The matte black really stands out on the race red although I think I do need to wrap the wing mirrors and get stripes now … but that is a post for another day!

Back to the fuel door and the installation which took less than 5 minutes! All I needed was to pop off the stock fuel door with a flathead screwdriver and the new one just slots on. It did take a couple of attempts to get it just right with even gaps all around but extremely easy and not time consuming at all.

Overall I would really recommend this product, looks great and costs only about £50!

$3.4 million …

It is the most expensive Mustang to ever be sold at auction. Yes, I am talking about the original 1968 Ford Mustang GT used in the movie Bullitt and driven by Steve McQueen himself. The new owner paid $3.4 million (£2.6 million) for the privilege of owning such an iconic piece of mustang history, not bad for a car that was originally sold for $3500!

After being used as a daily driver with the previous owners the car has accumulated 46,000 miles but still remains unrestored. Should it be restored to its former Hollywood glory or should it remain the way it is? So many questions to be answered over the coming years. Let me know your thoughts about this iconic moment in the comments section.

Roush Cold Air Intake Install

So after just under 90 minutes my Roush Cold Air Intake was installed and ready to go on the mustang … with very little mechanical experience I have to say, I have exceeded my own expectations!

Up to 29hp gains … no tune needed … 74% less restriction … all the reasons why it had to be a Roush Cold Air Intake! Let’s start with the install …

I started by disconnecting the factory air kit, remembering to save the gromits and inserts from the factory air box. The Roush airbox slots together easily and is easy to be installed where the stock airbox used to sit. Now time for the fiddly part, the harness for the IAT sensor just about fits around the Roush airbox, you have to remove a few clips to give enough slack to carefully manoeuvre around the airbox – this part is very time consuming but eventually manageable. Once the IAT sensor is connected and the rest of the air kit connected at the turbo you are good to go.

Performance wise, I don’t notice much difference but realistically I wasn’t expecting anything major, at least not until I get a tune. The woosh sound coming from the engine bay as the turbo kicks in is a nice difference and let be honest … it does look pretty cool!

Although Roush claim ‘no tune needed’ and ‘up to 29hp gains’ I look forward to seeing how it performs after a tune in early 2020! Will keep you guys posted, but all in all, I am very impressed, easy install, looks great and sounds great, I would give it a solid 4/5.